Saturday, August 17, 2013

Nail break: Hiatus Update -- I'm still here!

Hi everyone! Long time no...type?

I know what you're thinking... "LUCYYYY! YOU GOT SOME 'SPLAININ' TO DO!"
*My name is not Lucy, just in case you're new. :)

But seriously, amateur blogging lesson #1: Don't go missing...atleast without saying something. Anything!

So what happened to The Manicured Amateur since my last post on July 7th?

Well, if you didn't catch the rare update on my Facebook, let me summarize:

A tree fell on my house that was already in poor shape due to a negligent landlord.
My boyfriend, our two cats, dog and I packed up and moved in with a friend for the time being.
Said friend had just moved back into her condo as we came into the picture.
Recent move = no internet.
Setting up the internet turned into a two week battle with Comcast.
No internet = no posts.
Seldom phone updates possible due to poor coverage.

That's where I left off the left since my last Twitter/Facebook updates.
While the internet issues were eventually resolved, my blogging troubles were not.

I even posted a quick instagram text saying I was coming back.
Looks like I lied...and cried. At the time I really tried.

So what's my excuse now?

1. The condo next to my roommate's has opened for rent, so as you can guess...I'm moving, AGAIN.

2. This past Monday I began training as a new, full-time Account Coordinator with Coca-Cola.

3. All my nails, and I mean all of them, broke during the first move.

Basically, I've been so short on time that I've only opened my laptop to complete on-boarding paperwork.

The Big Question: 
Am I coming back?
The Big Answer: 

Bigger and better things are happening in my personal life, and that translates to my blogging life as well.
Going back to work means a bigger budget and a bigger budget means a bigger opportunity to purchase polish, subscriptions, accessories and everything to give this blog the most in-depth experience.

This blog far surpassed the expectations of a broke and bad-luck ridden country girl such as myself.
Now I can make The Manicured Amateur all I wanted it to be.

Even though I haven't been able to update, I have thought about it everyday.
I've even had dreams that I was younger and my parents punished me for not posting.
Yeah...melodramatic, but completely true.

I previously mentioned that my roommate is a fellow polish addict, and with our collections combined I am prepared to introduce so many new brands and series that I haven't seen from other bloggers.

With all of these changes, I decided the site deserved a bit of change too.
Don't fret, I like my style. Just call it some "fine tuning."


"Don't talk about it, be about it."


Man, my boyfriend throws that one at me a lot.

All of this sounds well and good, but when am I coming back?

I refuse to make any more assumptions as to when I can get up and running again.
Realistically, I can say it mostly likely be the beginning of next month when I'm officially in my new home.
I will have also completed my AC training and will be more settled into my new routine.

Question: So what happens in the meantime?

I will be returning to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram where I will begin showing my nail growth from start to finish, hauls, manicave updates, and more.

At this point, I can't ask you all for anything. If I could, I'd ask you to stay with me.
I love blogging about my nail adventures, whether it be for me alone or the entire internet world.

There is never a true excuse for just ditching you all without leaving many clues.
I promised to deliver, and I didn't.
I am truly thankful to have the readers I have.
I have received so much love and support from you all during such a hectic time,
and I have so much planned to give back in return.

From the bottom of my heart, thanks for reading!

Melody (truly, "The Manicured Amateur")
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