Thursday, February 7, 2013

By an amateur, for an amateur.

In this day and age there are so many beauty gurus, extreme couponers, YouTube phenomenons and DIY trends it makes my head spin. Yet, a small detail that seems to be overlooked is that most of these characters seem to already be a "professional" in whatever they are trying to communicate to us little people. It's one thing to read a blog, watch a video and look at some pictures by, and for, people that seem to have a bottomless pit of money and supplies...but when the rest of us take on the same projects we end up with "pin"strocities, numerous tickets from the beauty and fashion police, and the classic DON'T-do-it-yourselves.

"So how will this be different?" 

I'm reaching out to my fellow amateurs as we will TOGETHER tackle crafts, coupons and couture as far as our "monkey see, monkey do" attitude can take us. I've taken in the best tips and techniques from the pros and worked into my "clearance couture" lifestyle.

"What can I expect?"

Too scared to try that new nail art look? Show me a picture!
Afraid that delicious recipe is too good to be true? Send me the recipe!
Think that DIY bookcase isn't worth all the work? Link me the tutorial!

I am always up to try anything and hope anyone will find a reason to follow along. whether you're into nail art, home decor, general crafting, or just trying to make the most out of a limited budget.

That being said, frequent posts will most likely consist of the following:

- Nail Art Tutorials, nail care techniques, swatches, reviews and current deals.
- DIY skincare tips and tricks, makeup tips, trends, and reviews of each season's "must haves."
- Craft/food/home improvement DIY hits and misses from our favorites sites such as Pinterest, Craftgawker, and a little of my own creations thrown in.
- Unboxing of subscription services with inital reactions and full reviews.
- Occasional non beauty/diy related product reviews for testing purposes via BzzAgent, Smiley360, Vocalpoint, reviews of the programs and how you can "get it free."

Also: Frequent mentions of cats and my crafty boyfriend who has a few ideas of his own.

If that sounds like a lot, then I'm on the right track. Each post will be as detailed, illustrated and informative as possible, but most importantly it's about trying something new and having fun doing it!

Don't be afraid to leave me your comments, questions, or project suggestions below!


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