Wednesday, March 13, 2013

JulieG Frosted Gumdrop Collection Swatches and Review

Hello everyone!
Today I bring you something even sweeter than pastels: JulieG's limited edition Frosted Gumdrop Collection, six brightly-colored, texture polishes loaded with shimmer and sparkle reminiscent of real gumdrops!

I cannot fully explain how excited I am to have purchased this collection.
Every shade makes me want to bite my nails, but in a good way!

JulieG's Frosted Gumdrop Collection (Top: Hot Cinnamon (left), Sugar Rish (center), Tangerine Drea, (right); Bottom: Rock Candy (left),  Blueberry Fizz (center), Crushed Candy (right).

The Colors

JulieG's Frosted Gumdrop Collection "Hot Cinnamon"

Hot Cinnamon is a spicy red, textured with shimmer in what looks to be shades of red, pink, brown and gold. In direct sunlight you'll notice a strong gold undertone, but in natural indoor lighting as shown above, the gold is much more subtle. Not only is this great for spring and summer to contrast your new pastel wardrobe, but sit and picture this beauty around the holidays, wow!

For a textured polish, application was almost too simple. It went on incredibly smooth and removal was not difficult. It dries to a matte finish, keeping the texture subtle but apparent. It can be left with one coat for a lighter more pink-toned shade, but two coats really amplifies the red and highlights the texture. As standard for all textured polishes, no topcoat was applied for any of these shades.

JulieG's Frosted Gumdrop Collection "Sugar Rush"

Sugar Rush is such an interesting shade. Depending on the light it can come across as a bright reddish-pink or as pictured above, a fiery chili red-orange. The gold undertone is much stronger in this one compared to Hot Cinnmon, only adding more dimension to the finished look. In addition the texture reveals flecks of red, orange and gold shimmer. As with Hot Cinnamon, it will also take on a pinky tone if left at one coat. Two coats are pictured above.

JulieG's Frosted Gumdrop Collection "Tangerine Dream"

Tangerine Dream really is a dream. This fresh golden orange is possibly the most flattering shade of orange I have ever seen no matter what the finish. I was a bit worried about this shade, afraid it would act like many other orange polishes do by extracting all the color from my fingers only highlighting veins or nerves or poor circulation. But look at that! This picture even came out darker than the others and it still looks beautiful.

The texture not only makes the nail look like candy, but it really does resemble the magnified surface of some sort of orange citrus fruit. Leaving this at one coat creates a sheer more golden texture, so to really get the orange you'll need two coats.

JulieG's Frosted Gumdrop Collection "Rock Candy"

Rock Candy, along with the remaining two cool colors completely switch gears, all taking on silver undertones rather than gold. Rock Candy is a gorgeous teal textured with green, teal, turquoise and silver shimmer. Bonus! The cool shades are chock full of small, silver hex glitters which in my opinion really cement the entire concept of sugared gumdrops. Pictured above is two coats, but for a lighter sheer finish you could leave it at one.

JulieG's Frosted Gumdrop Collection "Blueberry Fizz"

Blueberry Fizz is a fantastic denim-like berry ice blue (if that makes sense) textured with shades of blue, turquoise, and silver shimmer with the added small silver hexes. It makes me want to put on a pair of blue jeans/shorts, grab a gumdrop, eat a popsicle, sit by the pool, sip hot chocolate and play in the snow all at the same time. It boggles my noggin at how suitable this is for all seasons.

JulieG's Frosted Gumdrop Collection "Crushed Candy"
Last but definitely not least is Crushed Candy, a sweet-but-sassy purple textured with purple, lavender, pink and silver shimmer, along with the ever eye-catching small silver hexes we saw in Rock Candy and Blueberry Fizz. In direct lighting I noticed a fuchsia tint, which just made it all the more beautiful. This one is a chameleon, taking on a slightly different hue depending on the time of day, and I love it for that. If you are afraid this may be a little too razzle-dazzle for your taste, leave it at one coat. It will create a beautiful but more subtle violet-fuchsia tone that may be more appropriate for professional settings.


Today is the last day to pre-order the entire set for only $20.01! They even ship internationally for all of you worldly beauties out there. You even get a wonderful free gift just for pre-ordering which you can catch a glimpse of here from my twitter page.

After tomorrow, they available for individual purchase in April at Rite-Aid stores and at www.jessesgirlcosmetics.com. Like all other JulieG polishes, they retail for only $3.99! For the quality and stunning selection, that's a serious steal.
If your local Rite-Aid does not carry JulieG, keep looking! Here in Georgia there must be around three Rite-Aids in every town, so my fellow Georgia peaches should have no trouble finding them.


This is one of the collections that I can truly say I would have really regretted passing on. There are many brands releasing textured finishes this year, but JulieG just simply got it right. Every shade sits wonderfully flat on the nail, but by some magic still retains a beautiful shimmery texture that doesn't look like you fell asleep on your hands before your manicure dried. In addition, after a full day of wear I had no snagging, chipping or peeling.

The collection as a whole is consistent and is by far the closest texture I've seen that really promotes the advertised concept. I won't lie, I have a digestive condition and went bought a bag of sour gummy candy anyway just because this polish had me crave it so bad (the pain was worth it, haha).

If you have passed by the JulieG polish display at your local Rite-Aid without purchasing at least one you are really missing out on a special brand with an equally special story. JulieG started (and still is) a blogger/vlogger like many of us, but created a name for herself by being the first to premiere a mainstream nail polish line. It pulls at the heartstrings of the rest of us in the blogging world and she has truly earned every ounce of success she has gained.

I only have a few of her other polishes myself, but after having this collection I hope for that to change VERY soon.
I love them so much!

Will you purchasing the Frosted Gumdrop Collection? What do you think of textured polish finishes?

Comment below or let me know what think on my facebook page or twitter.
The pages are new and could use a little love!

Also make sure to check out Julie G on youtube, facebook or twitter,
along with Jesse's Girl Cosmetics on facebook and twitter.


  1. i think i am going to bite the bullet and get this set. have not tried any textured polishes yet but i love that they are called gum drops.

    just found your blog and think your pics are really awesome. keep it up!

    fishgirl182 @ the painted ninja

  2. I don't usually like textured nails, but these are absolutely GORGEOUS! Do you know if they're anything like the Zoya PixieDust polishes? Because if they are...then the JulieG's are definitely a must-have!!

  3. Love the swatches. I can't wait to pick these up, especially Sugar Rush.

  4. Group has the full set in full size for $12.99 right now!

  5. Great pictures! Finally need to break down and get a few of these.

  6. Just found your blog looking for swatches of these! Your pictures are beautiful, and I absolutely love your nail shape and length. I'm forever trying to get mine to look like this without much success. I would love it if you would do a post about how you file, shape, and care for your nails,!


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