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Maven Madness: Julep Mystery Box Spring 2013

Hi everyone!

Today I have the Julep Spring Mystery Box to share with you.
(Note: Please pardon any lighting changes as I am transitioning to my new DIY lightbox for pictures.)

How It Works:

Almost every month, Julep offers a mystery box filled with $70 to $200 worth of Julep products. They offer multiple versions of the box, and each contain anywhere from three to seven polishes plus extra beauty items.

Price & Availibility:

Boxes are usually $19.99, but this box was priced at $24.99. 
You do not have to be a Julep Maven to order a mystery box, but Mavens will receive the benefit of free shipping no matter how many boxes they order.

This time around I received version one, which is the lowest value box you could receive.

Julep  Spring Mystery Box 2013 Version One

The Mystery Boxes look very similar to the Maven boxes in terms of presentation. The polishes were hidden inside a cute little drawstring bag with a light blue chevron pattern stamped on. It appears that everyone received a different color chevron pattern.

It has a gift tag attached, as I suppose it could be used a some sort of gift or favor bag...but I love it so much I'm going to be selfish and keep it for myself.

I also discovered it to be the perfect size to fit my phone, which is slightly larger than an iPhone. Bonus!

The Polishes

Julep Spring 2013 Mystery Box Colors

Version one of the mystery box contained three polishes, Camille being the limited-edition "mystery color" that is included in every version of the box.

Julep "Ashley"

Ashley is a frosty citrusy orange with goldenrod-ish micro-shimmer. While it looks obnoxious in both the bottle and the pictures above, in less direct lighting the orange is more understated and takes on a more burnt orange-brownish hue. Despite my horrible description, it's actually quite flattering.

That being said, this isn't a color I'd wear alone. However I already have ideas brewing on a few great fall/Thanksgiving stamping manis where this would be a fantastic base.

Retail Value $14.00 (Maven Price $11.20).
Note: This may be a discontinued color as it is not currently present on their website.

Julep "Lauren"

Lauren is described by Julep as a tropical hot pink creme, but it's actually a jelly! It applies very evenly and  dries to a satin finish as pictured above, but topcoat will bring it to a full gloss. I used three coats, but the nail line is still visible, even more so in person.

Lauren is such a girly pink and should be loved by many. I just love it, and funny enough...I really don't like pink. I've come a long way and have slowly incorporated it into my polish collection, jewelry and shoes, but I still won't wear it.

Retail Value $14.00 (Maven Price $11.20)

Julep "Camille" over Julep "Lauren"

Camille is a full-coverage iridescent glitter polish suspended in a clear base. It applies pretty evenly due to the density of the glitter and dries pretty quickly. Pictured above is just one coat over three coats of Lauren. My camera about died taking these so focusing was a challenge. Forgive me. :(

Retail Value $14.00 (Maven Price $11.20)

The Beauty Item

Included was a 89mL, 3 fl oz tube of Julep's Daylight Defense Sunscreen for Hands and Face with Vitamin E. It's creamier than the average sunscreen, and dries in a way that makes you skin feel sort of stiff yet hydrated. It smells of a mixture of oranges and that signature sunscreen smell. It's pretty subtle unless you stick your hands directly under your nose.

Georgia decided to throw a tantrum and gave us tornadoes on Monday (greenest sky I've ever seen!), and then sleet every day after up until this very moment. Needless to say I've stayed indoors and can't comment on how this holds up throughout the day. However I do want to point out that it is labeled as not waterproof and requires reapplication, so this isn't your go-to beach survival sunscreen. This is more of your before makeup, extra protection sunscreen.

I'd be happy to keep you updated on how effective this product ends up being. Georgia weather is pretty bi-polar this time of year, so I expect us to be reaching 80 degree weather any day now and making sunscreen mandatory.

Retail value $28.00 (Maven Price $22.40)

The Extras

These little hair ties are apparently all the rage and appeared in all versions of the box. I already had some from the Nudes&Neons January Maven box, but it's always nice to have more considering these are also all the rage with my cats!

The box also contained one packet on what claims to be ten polish remover pads. I am saving these for travel so I haven't opened them. The package isn't all that large so they much be pretty small pads to fit ten inside. They are labeled as lint free and infused with aloe to condition as you remove polish.

Retail value $9.99 (Maven price $7.99).

Last but not least is a standard-size emory board. There is no indication as to what size grit each side is, but the side without the "julep.com" logo (right) is significantly rougher.

These flimsier type of boards aren't my go-to file, but they are really handy for travel. Everyone needs at least one...or three, ha!


Overall Retail Value = $79.99  (Regular Maven Price Value = $63.99) Minimum.
Does not include cost of Emory board, hair ties and bag.

I can't say I'm not bummed I didn't get a higher value box, but in the end I got a box containing two colors I didn't previously own, a versatile glitter topcoat, a skincare product you can never have too much of, and some handy extras to prepare for warmer weather. Even though this was the lowest value box, the price point was reasonable in comparison to a normal Maven box.

Speaking on Maven boxes, selection window for this month is open until tomorrow!

If you interested in becoming a Julep Maven, now's the time to sign up! If you're still on the fence, check out my in-depth review of the entire Maven program here.

You can sign by following my referral link here and get your first box for just a penny plus free shipping!
Just enter code "PENNY" or "JULEPVIP" at checkout.
You can cancel at any time, so for one cent you've got nothing to lose! Except that penny, which if you're like me you lose a bunch of those anyway. -_-

Do you think the price matches the value of these boxes? 
What is you experience with the Julep brand?

Let me know in the comments below or give  me a shout on my facebook or twitter.

Hope you're having a splendid Saturday. Thanks for reading!


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