Monday, July 1, 2013

Nautical Nail Art featuring Born Pretty Store Anchor & Compass Water Decals

Happy July everyone!

I can't believe over half the year is already gone.
Whether I believe it or not, we're deep into the heat and I wanted to create a nail art look that was both summery and patriotic.

Red white and blue is a combination I save exclusively for this time of year and now that's here I'm ready to kick things off with a nautical look using Born Pretty Store Achor and Compass Water Decals.

This is actually my first attempt using stickers or decals.
Up until now I avoided using such decorations for the same reason I initially dismissed polish appliques.
In short, I thought they were "cheating."

I'll already tell you that after this look, I changed my mind.

First I needed a small arsenal of colors before working with the decals.

From left to right:

Julep "Nan"
Avon "Golden Vision"

Sinful Colors "Snow Me White"
Wet n Wild Megalast "Break the Ice"
Sinful Colors "New Wave"

Each finger started with a two coats of SC Snow Me White
To add a little summer glow if you will, I then added one coat of Wet n Wild Break the Ice for a subtle shimmer.

To create the stripes on all but my middle finger, I took four pieces of nail tape and taped off two baby stripes.

On my thumb, pinky and ring finger I filled in the stripes with Julep Nan and pulled off the tape while the polish was still wet.
I then took a small, flat nail art brush and filled in the bottom and top edge of the nail with Sinful Colors New Wave.
I used the same technique on my index finger, but reversed the colors.

I then turned to my Born Pretty Stud Wheel and added small round gold studs where each little stripe met the edge of my nail.

To create the stripes on my middle finger I placed five evenly spaced pieces of nail tape and painted over the gaps with Avon Golden Vision, removing the tape in the same manner as before.

Now on to the decals!

This specific set of decals comes with one sheet of 20 decals in a variety of two different anchors and three different compasses.

You can purchase these decals through Born Pretty Store's website here and are priced at $2.86.
But don't forget you get 10% off your whole purchase with my discount code BHL91!

Even though directions are included on the back, they contain unnecessary steps are actually more complicated than the actually process.

Here's how I applied the decals.

1. Cut out desired image.
2. Remove clear plastic film.
3. Drop in water for 10-20 seconds.
4. Remove image from water with tweezers.
5. Place image face down on finger (not the nail!) and gently slide the decal off the backing.
6. Pick decal off finger with tweezers and place on the nail.
7. Let dry.
8. Apply top coat.

Notice I didn't use a paper towel or blow dryer or any other means of drying the decal prior to placement.
Skipping this step gives you a few seconds to shift the image around the nail if needed.

The process is so quick and I am incredibly pleased with how flush the image is with the base.
You don't see any clear outlines and the image really sits and looks like it's just apart of the polish underneath.

The images themselves are not pixelated, nicely detailed, and remove just like any polish.

There you have it!

The most time-consuming part of the design was obviously the taping, but it's a simple look that's suitable for all skill levels.

I'm in full support of these decals for those who aren't ambidextrous but desire detailed designs on both hands.

There are so many decals out there, and now I'm itching to try them all!

 What do you think of this summer sails design?
Have you tried any nail art decals?

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Thanks for reading!


**Born Pretty Store products provided for my unbaised review. This post contains affiliate links.


  1. Too cute! I ordered blank water decal sheets 2 weeks ago and looking at this made me so impatient to receive them. Your nail work always look so perfect :D

  2. JUST AMAZING! perfect idea ! that's true time goes by so fast , we're already in July!

  3. This is gorgeous! I recently did a similar mani that I'll be posting on 4th of July, but I didn't have these awesome decals - wish I did :)

    1. Unintentional twinsie post alert! Haha, but really I loved yours.

  4. OMG this is too cute! Your manicures are so impeccable! :D

  5. I just have to say that you are my very favorite nail blog <3 This is so beautiful and well put-together! You always amaze me.

    1. Aww that's so sweet! Thank you so much. <33

  6. WOW! These are so well done!

  7. This is crazy good, like one of your best yet! I love it to pieces!!

    1. Wow, thanks! Great to hear I'm improving. :)

  8. This is gorgeous! Lovely blog!

  9. Extra creative.Love this..body painting

  10. Awesome!!! I just discovered nail art for me and your designs are such an inspiration! You have an amazing eye for shapes and colors. Love your creativity!


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