Saturday, June 29, 2013

Indie Spotlight: Femme Fatale Swatches and Review

Hi everyone!

I know what you're thinking, "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!"

Four days without sharing my nail adventures with you all has incredibly hard.

With the packing and moving well underway, I've had no choice but to devote all my time to emptying the house.
We expect to be fully moved into our new home by the end of next weekend and I can not be more excited.

You all have been incredibly supportive during such a hectic time, and I cannot thank you enough.

Even though my hands have been overworked, beat up and reak of cardboard, I haven't stopped polishing.
I'm been testing a lot of new nail products include strips, press-ons, and new nail care items,
but my shining stars for the week have been none other than my new beauties from Femme Fatale Cosmetics.

Femme Fatale Cosmetics is one of the most highly coveted Australian indie brands and international distributors.
Femme Fatale Cosmetics are quality tested and 3 Free.

All of the stress and exhaustion of this month immediately melted when I received notice that I'd have the opportunity to share a few of their polishes with you all.

Today I have four of the following glittery shades:

From left to right:

Keeper of the Grove
Suspended Starlight

No more jibber jabber, let's see 'em!

Jadefire is a yummy mix of coral, red, green, and gold hexes of different sizes, along with red and gold fine glitter in shimmery yellow-green tinted base.

(One coat shown over Sinful Colors "Unicorn.")

The base is very thin which allows this to easily be built up on it's own or worn over a base color.
The glitter is a bit clumpy on the brush, but spreads easily and does not require dabbing.

To reach full opacity on it's own you'll need three coats and will result in a more muted, darker yellow-green.

I chose a base to saturate the color, but I recommend choosing a shade as close to the yellow tint as possible, otherwise a bit of patchiness may show (intentionally displayed in the second photo).

Something about this combo makes me crave a fruit salad.
I have no idea how that relates to the name Jadefire, but who cares!

It's a smart choice of colors that can be appropriate for spring, summer and even fall, and is unique to my collection thus far.

Keeper of the Grove is a slightly green-tinted shmmery base packed full of all sorts of different glitter: 
from tiny green and gold hexes to small blue and fuschia round glitter, slightly larger gold and fuschia hexes and even large pink hearts!
(One coat shown over Fingerpaints "Tough Art To Follow.")

This one is definitely a full coverage glitter, but can still be used as a topper if so desired.
Most swatches I have seen of this shade use a matching lighter green as a base, so I thought I'd change it up with a darker shade to fully emphasize on just how diverse this glitter mix is.

Like Jadefire, the base is thin and the tint is extremely subtle to the point that it almost isn't there.
The glitter is very dense, but still doesn't need dabbing.
Fishing is necessary to obtain the hearts, but because the base is so thin it's not a big effort.

This is absolutely beautiful.
Whether or not you catch the possible gaming inspiration behind the name, the combination is simply a winner.

Eventide is a feminine mix of fuschia and gold glitter of all shapes and sizes -- small and medium hexes and small and large squares all stirred in a clear base.
(One coat shown over China Glaze "Purr-fect Plum.")

The base is slightly thicker than the previous two, but not by much.
The formula is pretty much perfect proven by the fact that I didn't even have to fish for the large squares!

The only important note to make is that a top coat is a must. 
Without one or two good layers, the top layer of the square glitters will begin to peel off if snagged or meddled with too much, leaving you with just the patchy holographic underlayer.

The options are endless with this one - light base, dark base, no base or jelly sandwhich, you can do it all.
It's so sparkly and regal and I can't get enough of it.

Suspended Starlight is blue jelly packed with turquoise and deep royal blue shredded, fine, small and medium hexes, along with large silver moon and star glitters!
(One coat shown over Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear "Pacific Blue.")

This has the most prominent base out of the four, and can definitely be built up on it's own.
Like Eventide, a top coat is required to prevent the moon and star glitters from peeling away.
Fishing isn't really necessary for them either, unless you have a specific placement pattern in mind.

 Are you as over the moon for this one as I am?
Even at one coat this has so much depth and and is the perfect emulation of a twinkling night sky.

Overall I think that Femme Fatale Cosmetics are carefully thought out color combinations that are sure to catch attention.
With so many ways to wear each shade you'll love them more and more with every mani.

With one of these is your favorite?
Let me know in the comments below and give them some love on Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest!

Want Femme Fatale Cosmetics for yourself?

To see the entire line of Femme Fatale Cosmetics and to see the other available artisan lines carried, you can visit Femme Fatale's website.

While purchasing Femme Fatale Cosmetics through their website is only available to Australian lovelies,
the rest us international beauties can see access stocklists through the following carriers:

United States
Llarowe - $13.00 per full size 12ml bottle.
(Currently carries Eventide, Jadefire, and Keeper of the Grove)


Harlow & Co. - $13.50 per full size 12ml bottle.


Shop Ecclectico - $18.00 per full size 12ml bottle.
(Currently carries Jadefire)
 **Participating Austrailian brands currently 20% off (FF currently priced at $16.00)!


Norway Nails - NOK159 per full size 12ml bottle.
(Currently carries Eventide, Jadefire, Keeper of the Grove and Suspended Starlight)


Ledouxnage - € 8.64 - € 14.40 per full size 12ml bottle.

No matter where you go to shop, you will notice these babies sell fast,
so make sure to keep up with Femme Fatale on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for restocks, new releases and more.

Thanks for reading!



  1. wow the blue one is GORGEOUS!

  2. Why do you tease me with swatches of Eventide!!!!????
    Will I never get my hands on this!?
    Seriously though...gorgeous. That one has been on my wishlist forever and this is why.

  3. Beautiful!! I think Keeper of the Tide is my favorite :)


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