Wednesday, May 8, 2013

L.A. Girl DIY Nail Art Review Part Three: DIY Leopard / Cheetah Spots Tutorial

Hi everyone!

Today I have another fun tutorial created entirely with the L.A. Girl DIY Nail Art Kit.

For more information on the contents, pricing, and availability of the nail art kit, along with swatches of the individual colors included, you can jump over here to read the first part of the  review.

Now on to the design!

DIY Leopard/Cheetah Nails

What you'll need:

For this look we're going to use the pink, yellow, and blue polish from L.A. DIY Nail Art Kit in Flashy, along with a small nail art brush which is provided in the package.

The following products are not included, but I also recommend a base and top coat, along with a small angled brush for any needed cleanup.
The small angled brush is an old EcoTools angled eyeliner brush.

The Steps

Step 1. 
Start with clean, bare nails. You can skip the base coat if you don't have one, but it is highly recommended to add a clear base to protect your natural nail before polishing. 

 Step 2. 
Apply two to three coats of the pink polish, giving each layer enough time to dry to prevent dragging and streaking.


Step 3.
Drip a dot onto a piece of paper or other palette. Take the small nail art brush and dip the end into the dot. 

With the brush, create large splotches all over the nail. Remember that the shapes are about to outlined, so do not worry about perfect edges. Just make sure there is enough of a gap in between each splotch.


Step 4.
Add another dot to your paper/palette, this time with the blue polish.

After dipping the small nail art brush into the polish, begin to outline the splotches. The best way to achieve the leopard spot is to dab on the color in a letter "C"-like line across half of the shape. You do not want to entirely outline the shape, so leave a gap in the outlines. Repeat the "C-line" on the side of the shape.


Once you're finished give the design 15-20 minutes to dry, add your topcoat, and your done!

It's really not as time-intensive as it looks. 
While I personally prefer a dotting tool as opposed to a brush for this type of design, the L.A. Girl DIY Nail Art Kit gives beginners an all-in-one opportunity to try this design for themselves.
The colors in the Flashy kit are a great summer take on the classic leopard mani, and bring back memories of good ole' LISA FRANK!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and let me know in the comments below if you try it yourself!

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Thanks for reading!


*The L.A. Girl Nail Art Kit was provided for my honest review. Any material provided does not influence my opinions in any way. Gotta keep it real!


  1. Love love this one, so fun and perfect for the summer!

  2. Very cool, thanks for the tutorial. I really need to try this soon :)

  3. Great tutorial!! You have some awesome photos too :D

  4. I love the colors!! Awesome pictures, as always!

  5. leopard rules and i really like the colors here - different is always awesome with animal prints!

  6. utterly brilliant and bright!

  7. Hi, I have just found your blog, it's amazing and your pictures are gorgeous :)
    I love the colors you chose for this mani.
    Have a nice day!


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