Saturday, May 11, 2013

Maven Madness: Julep Boho Glam Box + Gabrielle Add-On May 2013

Hi everyone!

It's that time of the month again, and no, it has nothing to do with your Aunt Flo coming to visit. :P
It time for me to share with you this month's Julep Maven box!

This month's 20s inspired collection was too tempting to not upgrade, but alas my bank account just wouldn't allow it. 

In the end I chose the Boho Glam option.

The Box

Julep Maven boxes are delivered right to your door every month for $19.99 and usually include two polishes, a beauty item, and one or two random extra gifts.

For a more details on all aspects of the Julep Maven program, read my in-depth review here.

The Colors

Alice is a very pale, lavender pearly-frost with golden shimmer.

Julep "Alice"

It really skirts the line between a pearl and a frost finish, but either way it's glamorous. In some lighting situations the shimmer will come across silver instead of gold, but I promise it's the latter of the two! There's also the slightest hint of magenta microglitter, but I really only caught a glimpse of it the bottle under a lamp. It never showed up on the nail or even in my bottle shots.

 The formula and application was flawless and opaque in one coat.

Millie is a deep indigo creme.

Once again, application just could not be any better. One glossy coat and you're good to go.

 It's such a sophisticated and mysterious color, much like the starlets of the time.

The Extras

To fit with the 20s theme, each Maven box  included an adorable vintage lipstick trio.
The Boho Glam box included the "New York" trio which included the following three shades:

Lady in Red - matte crimson red
Satin Doll - sheer poppy red
Tea for Two - very sheer shimmery. nude

I can't get over the cute Art Deco style packaging!

Also included were a set of "vintage finish" gold hair pins with white and coral acrylic roses.
I'm such a sucker for cute hair accessories and these are just my style!

The Add-On

Gabrielle is deep, dusty purple creme.
Julep "Gabrielle"

The formula is an exact match for Millie, and the shade is quite similiar as well.
The only difference is that Gabrielle is more of a pure purple and shows up a tinge lighter in direct sunlight. Indoors it's hard to tell them apart.


I haven't been this excited over a Maven box in a while. 
Although the boxes have yet to really disappoint me, there was just something about this box I just really loved.

Which your favorite from the Boho Glam Box? 
Do you like the old 1920s Hollywood style?
Let me know in the comments below and share your thoughts on my Facebook and Twitter!

And if you want to become a Julep Maven yourself you can get your first FREE! That's right! 
Juster enter my referral code "3488485" when you sign up on Julep's website, take your style quiz and then enter promo code "FREEBOX" at checkout!
You can cancel anytime, so what do you have to lose?!

Thanks for reading!



  1. Glad that Julep is improving their formula
    I love the bobby pins, so cute!

    1. Yeah, they were getting a little thick (but still manageable) for a while there. But no exaggeration, these are back to remember Julep when I first became a Maven.

  2. I agree, I really loved this month! I got it girl and added on Millie because I have a cat named Millie lol. I haven't used it yet but it's nice to see that it doesn't disappoint.

  3. Really nice Maven box from Julep! :)

  4. I was thinking of getting this box, but I am not a fan of any kind of lipstick so I ended up skipping. Beautiful colors though.

    1. It's a shame they stopped doing the Maven's choice so you could create your own withoit the trios! Hopefully they'll be available individually soon!

  5. Exciting! I ordered my first box today, FREE! Just had to pay shipping. Thanks for letting us know about this!

    1. You won't regret it! I became a Maven a year ago from the free promotion too, and the rest is history! Very excited for you!

  6. pretty! i also love your blog layout!

  7. When you get an add on do they charge you right away? Or does it wait until they charge you for the maven box?

    1. You choose and are charged for both the box and add-ons at the same time. However, the add-ons are shipped separately since the boxes are already pre-packaged in bulk.


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