Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day! Sassy & Sweet Floral Studded Nail Art

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

I spent a lovely afternoon with my own mother and grandmother enjoying lunch and visit the thrift store as we always do when we can get together. My mother also bought her first China Glaze polish today. I almost cried. HAHA!

Today's Mother's Day mani is a tribute to my own mother. When I was little I was such a tomboy (am still am to an extent), and favored my father's interests more than my mother's. It hasn't been until the past couple  years as I have become an adult that I have been able to better connect with mother. I'm still a daddy's girl following in his artistic footsteps, but now I've embraced my more feminine nature of antiquing and interior design...all of which is thanks to my mom.

So today's look is a little sweet and a little sassy. My mother is known to be shy and sweet, while I literally have a family nickname of "Sassyfrass." 
I chose flowers to represent her, and the studs to represent me.

The white base is a subtle glitter mix called "Strawberry Fields" from Neener Neener Nails, which I reviewed here
I like the subtle dimension the glitters add to base, although goes almost unnoticed in the pictures above.

The pink base and dotted flowers were created with "Flirty Fuschia" from the eyeslipsface (e.l.f) 14 Piece Spring 2013 Nail Cube, which I reviewed here
Apart from mauve and turquoise, my mother is a sucker for fuschia.

The flower centers were dotted in with Sinful Colors "Pistache" from the Buff to Bright collection which I reviewed here
Although the glitters can't be seen in the pictures, this shade matches the light green glitters in the white base perfectly and is a nice compliment to the pink.

And finally, the black studs are from Born Pretty Store
I debated on placement of these and still not sure if my final choice was the best way to go, but I  like the hard contrast to the brighter colors. It gives it an edge, which is just my style.

Whether you're a mother, grandmother, godmother, or birthmother, I wish you a special day filled with love.

Let me know what you think of this look and don't forget to give it some love on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest!
Thanks for reading!



  1. Love! Using the green as the center of the flowers look surprisingly awesome!

  2. I love that you chose a theme that represented the differences between you and your mom. That was a very cool idea :) It works perfectly together too!

  3. That is a lovely nail polish colour, so pretty and summery. My sister bought my my first China Glaze polish, I remember I was over the moon too.


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