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Avon Zenergy Collection Spring/Summer 2013 Swatches and Review

Hello Everyone!

Today I have the Avon Zenergy Spring/Summer 2013 Collection to share with you.

The Collection

Avon breaks away from their normal palette of classic colors and delicate pastels with the following trio of bright primary polishes:

From left to Right:

Make My Day

Price and Availability

The polishes are available for individual sale for the retail price of $6.00 each, but are currently on sale for $3.49! Yup, all three for ten dollars. Also, they almost always offer free shipping at $30.00 with the promotion code listed towards the top of each webpage.

You can order through your local Avon representative and at Avon.com
If you are unaware of one in you area you can visit Avon's "Find A Representative" page here and either search by your state, or you may enter the name "Julie Pruitt, Tennessee" to order online through mine.

The Colors

Make My Day is a hot, chili pepper red semi-sheer creme. The orange undertones are more noticeable in direct sunlight, while indoors it's more of a true red. It goes on a bit sheer on the first coat. I was able to eliminate the majority of visible nail line with two coats as pictured above, but for full opacity I recommended adding an additional layer. You could also bring out the color further by starting with a white base.

I love how glossy and bright this shade is. It may not be the most unique shade of red I've ever seen, but it's a great staple shade to make the lighter colors of your wardrobe really pop.

Inspire is an extremely bright highlighter-like yellow creme. The consistency is fine, but applied a bit streaky on the first coat. This is remedied by a second coat and dries to an opaque, glossy finish.

Talk about about a great summer color. The green undertones make this a unique shade of yellow, but may definitely cause problems for lovelies who suffer from the not-so-lovely "lobster hands" emphasized by green and yellow hues.

Serene is a dusty blue creme indoors, and brightens up to a turquoise blue creme outdoors. This has a fantastic formula and is completely opaque in just one coat.

If you're a polish addict like myself, you probably have multiple versions of this same shade from different brands already in your collection. No it's not unique, but it's a must have for everyone and in this case it's the formula that counts. If you need a basic light blue that won't let you down, this is great option.


In the end, the Zenergy Collection has great synergy (see what I did there? :P). These are fresh takes on the most essential of colors and compliment each other perfectly. With the endless amount of edgy glitters, textures, and obscure color collections being released each season, we tend to forget about the basics.

This is another set that shows just how far The Avon Nailwear Pro+ line has come. The polishes across the board are much more consistent and easier to work with, but are overshadowed by the grudges over the previous formula. This and the Petal Impressions collection will probably end up being one of the most underrated collections of the year, and that's a shame.

I couldn't choose a favorite out of the three, but which do you choose? 
Will you be adding the Zenergy Collection to your polish stash?

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