Monday, April 15, 2013

Metallic Manicures with the Avon Party Polish Mini Set (Swatches/Review)

Hi everyone!

We all know metallics are taking the spotlight in fashion this year. 
From head to toe, glints of glittery clothes and accessories have been headlining the runways as a big trend for just about every season of 2013.

Today I want to share with you the Avon Party Polish Mini Set I snatched up from their online outlet, as well  as two nail art looks to give you some illuminating inspiration.
(I'm really on a roll with alliterations today.)

The Collection

The Avon Party Polish Mini Set was a limited edition curated collection of four mini polishes for the 2012 holiday season. I purchased mine on clearance through the outlet section of their website for $4.99. 
It is no longer available there, but I know there are a few sets floating around on eBay.
The set included the following shimmery shades:

From left to right:

Starry Sky
Golden Vision
Blushing Star

But don't fret! Only Blushing Star was limited edition.
Starry Sky, Mystic, and Golden Vision are available in full size bottles for $6 each through your local Avon representative, or online at Avon.com.

As always, if you are unfamiliar with an Avon rep in your area you can use Avon's "Find A Representative" page and either search by your location, or you can "Julie Pruitt, Tennessee" and order online through my Avon rep, a dear family friend.

**Limited Time Offer: If you order by midnight tomorrow, 4/16/2013, you can receive free shipping on your $15 order by entering code TAXDAY at checkout!

(This is how Avon always reels me in, I'm a sucker for free shipping.)

The Colors

Starry Sky is an icy silver foil.
Avon "Starry Sky"

The formula is as fantastic as the finish. It glides on a bit thin, but with two coats it's fully opaque and the shimmer is seamless.

If you are confused about what makes a polish a foil instead of a frost, the brush strokes are what separate the two. The strokes in a foil polish should be almost non-existent, as opposed to a frost where they are much more obvious.

Avon "Starry Sky"

Mystic is a very light bronze foil.
Avon "Mystic"

A couple of brush strokes were just barely visible in the pictures after two coats, but not in real life.

It's ethereal, it's flattering, and it makes your nails look like they belong to a Greek goddess.
Toga party anyone?

Avon "Mystic"

Golden Vision is a pure gold foil.
Avon "Golden Vision"

I say "pure gold" because this is one of the few perfect golds I own. It doesn't tint orange; it doesn't tint green. 
Heh, it's as a good as gold! (Tell me to stop, please.)

Avon "Golden Vision"

 Blushing Star is a rosy metallic pink with fine holographic glitter.
Avon "Blushing Star"

Blushing Rose is a bit different from the other three. It has a thicker formula and applied more frosty than the others. Most of the brush strokes disappeared as it dried, but some are still visible in the pictures above and in direct sunlight.

Avon "Blushing Star"

Nail Art Inspiration

As pretty as these shimmery shades are, full-on flashy fingers are not for everyone. There are plenty of ways to use metallic polishes as a simple accent to your regular mani. Beyond the tips, stripes and polka dots, here's a couple of ways to add some dazzle without your hand looking like a disco ball.

1. Stamping

Metallics coupled with intricate patterns lit up the runways during fashion week. If you can't see yourself sporting an outfit that resembles your curtains or bed comforter, try translating the look on your nails. You just might be surprised.

The model below is sporting a piece from Kenzo's Fall 2013 collection.

Photo Courtesy of Vogue.com

It was from the photo above that the mani below is loosely based upon. Starting with Avon Golden Vision as my base, I stamped the pattern using the plate Pueen14 with Sinful Colors Rain Storm. 

It wasn't meant to be identical, but you get the general idea.

2. Studs, Speckles and Splatters

When stamping is still out of your reach or you just want something a little less time-intensive, you can create this flaky effect with any metallic polish, a fan brush, seran wrap or anything similiar you might have lying around.

I started with Julep Lena as my base, and then took a small fan brush and dabbed on Avon Golden Vision with no particular technique. Just keep dabbing until you feel satisfied with the finish look, add some topcoat and viola!

I went a step further and added a few teardrop studs I purchased from Born Pretty Store.


I used to think metallic fashion was something to be saved for a flashy night out or a fancy occasion, but it just doesn't have to be that way. The Avon shimmer polishes are easy to work with in basic colors that can be integrated into almost any color scheme, making it easy to work them into more casual wear.

What do you think of Avon shimmer polishes? 
Are you into the metallic trend? 
Let me know in the comments below your favorite way to give your nails some sparkle.

You can always share your shiny manis on my Facebook or Twitter page.

Stay bright and thanks for reading!



  1. Omg, I love the teardrop studs!!!

  2. I have a love/hate relationship with metallics but you make them look amazing. I am obsessed with the last mani in this post with the gold tear drops!

  3. You're nails looks awesome. I especially like the second look.


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