Friday, April 12, 2013

NOTD: Neon, Black and White Pueen Nail Stamping Plates Preview

Hi everyone!

So the work from my original post was lost due to a brief power outage from these horrible storms.
I don't remember Georgia ever having this many tornado warnings this early in the year, but scurrying to the basement is becoming a weekly routine.

I didn't want to leave you hanging, so I thought I'd show you a preview of the Pueen Stamping Plates I've been playing around with lately.

I stumbled across Pueen Cosmetics on Amazon. These standard plates are available as a 25 piece set for $18.99. 
They're official website appears to be closed temporarily, but you may visit the Amazon page where I purchased them here.

For these nails I used plate PUEEN13. 

I began with a white base of China Glaze White on White.
With a standard size stamper and old gift card as my scraper, I used Sally Hansen Black Heart to apply the design leaving the top 4th of my nail unstamped.

Unfortunately the design didn't come come off the plate completely. I think the circles were just too large of a  space for the polish to handle. I did my best to fill in any incomplete areas with a small nail art brush, but it still came off a bit wonky. I also drew a black line across the top of stamped area to separate it from the open space.

I filled in the gap with Avon Inspire and sealed everything with Julep Matte Top Coat.

This image has given me the most trouble so far and the matte finish was questionable. Other Pueen plates with smaller images and patterns are picking up fine. 

I liked the idea of this in my head, but the execution was off...
not to mention my matte top coat is down to bottom of the bottle.

I wanna play with them just a bit more before I do a full review.

Is there a certain image from the 2013 Pueen Nail Stamping plates you'd like to see?
Have a favorite matte top coat you'd like to recommend?

Let me know in the comments below of give me a shout on Facebook and Twitter!

Happy Friday, and stay safe and dry out there!



  1. Ugh I wish I can do stamping, I got like the express nails cheap set and it just sucks, the image doesn't transfer perfectly half the time

    anyhow, hope the weather gets better soon :(

  2. I wish I was good at stamping but the scraper always takes of too much polish. I really like the color combo and how this turned out!

  3. Another tricky part is finding non-special polishes that work well. It makes a big impact on how well the image will transfer.

    I had problems with metal scrapers taking too much polish, that's why I switched to old gift cards. And they don't scratch the plates.

    I still prefer free-handing, but stamping can be neater and saves time if you can get the hang of it.


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