Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sinful Colors Paparazzi / Almost Famous Collection Swatches and Review

Hi everyone!

Today I have more Sinful Colors shades to share with you, the Limited Edition Paparazzi Collection.

The Collection

The Paparazzi Collection consists of the following eight glittery shades:

From left to Right:

Show Stopping
In The Spotlight
Lush Life
After Party

Price and Availability

The polishes are available for individual sale at Rite Aid for $1.99 each.
They are also available at Walgreens, but under a different collection name, the Almost Famous Collection.

The Colors

Fantasy is a mix a fine silver and small, round rainbow glitter suspended in a clear base. 

Sinful Colors "Fantasy" over Sinful Colors "Rain Storm"

The formula and the glitter applies evenly without dragging. The glitters are fine enough that you grab a generous amount each time you pull the brush from the bottle, making it very easy to work with.

This is a great medium for when you don't want chunky rainbow hexes, but still want a sparkle with a bit of color.

Sinful Colors "Fantasy" over Sinful Colors "Rain Storm"

Show Stopping is a dainty combo of baby pink fine glitter and small holographic hexes in a clear base.

Sinful Colors "Show Stopping" over Sinful Colors "Nirvana"

It's pretty hard to tell the difference between this and Fantasy on the nail. I think the base color really determines how much the pink will be reflected in this one.  The glitter is a more sparse on the first coat than Fantasy and the formula is a bit thicker, but once built up they are extremely similar.

Sinful Colors "Show Stopping" over Sinful Colors "Nirvana"

Poparazzi is full of densely packed, fine fuchsia glitter in a clear base.

Sinful Colors "Poparazzi" over Sinful Colors "GoGo Girl"

The formula is great and the glitter glides on evenly. While I only used one coat for these photos, you could easily build up more layers to create a full accent nail.

I like that the color shifts from pink to fuchsia and is a bit deeper from most of the other pink glitters I own. 

Sinful Colors "Poparazzi" over Sinful Colors "GoGo Girl"

Bombshell is a nearly clear, green-tinted base with fine mint and silver glitter and small, round rainbow glitter.

Sinful Colors "Bombshell" over Sinful Colors "Mint Apple"

Well...you can't say I didn't give it a chance. The formula bothers me, and I mean really bothers me. It's thick, goopy and drags. The bottle is deceiving, making you think it wasn't a clear base, but the green just isn't there.

I feel like this is a failed attempt at a drugstore dupe of Deborah Lippmann "Mermaid's Dream". 
Sinful Colors has never let me down before but this just looks dated and erm, childish?

Sinful Colors "Bombshell" over Sinful Colors "Mint Apple"

In The Spotlight is nearly identical to Bombshell in ever way except that it is slightly more blue. Slightly.

Sinful Colors "In the Spotlight" over Sinful Colors "Cinderella"

If you picked up Bombshell you don't need this one, and vice versa. If it wasn't for the name I wouldn't be able to tell these two apart. If fact, when I bought them in the store I had to double check to make sure I had both. Then when I swatched them at home I couldn't remember if I had swatched both, or accidentally swatched the same one with a different base!

In truth, I wish I hadn't picked up either one.
Sinful Colors "In the Spotlight" over Sinful Colors "Cinderella"

Lush Life consists of small, teal hexes and fine glitter, suspended in a thick clear base. 

Sinful Colors "Lush Life" over Sinful Colors "Leap Frog"

The formula is thick, so it takes some work to get the hexes out of the bottle. Surprisingly it still has a relatively fast drying time consistent with all Sinful Colors polishes.

I actually still love this despite the goopiness, as it's still easier to work with than the previous two shades. I must have over a dozen blue glitter polishes, but a true teal glitter combo is harder to come by. For the price, I would call this one a must have.

Sinful Colors "Lush Life" over Sinful Colors "Leap Frog"

After Party is basically a true blue version of Lush Life. Same formula, same combo...just blue.

Sinful Colors "After Party" over Sinful Colors "Endless Blue"

It applies the same, dries the same, and is just as beautiful. The shade of blue is an exact match of Milani's One Step Glitter in "Blue Flash," but the hexes make this one stand out.

Sinful Colors "After Party" over Sinful Colors "Endless Blue"

Stardust is a slightly tinted, purple based sheer polish packed with purple fine glitters and round fuchsia glitters.

Sinful Colors "Stardust" over Sinful Colors "Mesmerize"

If you really want to wear this on it's own, you could...but it would take a lot of layers. The base is too sheer to avoid patchiness, so I recommended a purple base as I did. With a base color and one coat of the glitter you can achieve the same look as you would if you spent the extra time trying to build up the glitter on its own.

I really like the dimension of this . I plan to experiment with this in combination with the Julep Rock Candy Nail Glaze. It might just make a good sandwhich, if you know what I mean!

Sinful Colors "Stardust" over Sinful Colors "Mesmerize"


Needless to say, the Paparazzi Collection had some hit and misses. The concept works, but some of the colors didn't. Some were so similar that you really only need half of the collection.

I'd have to say my favorites are Lush Life and Stardust with the runners up being After Party, Poparazzi and Fantasy. I could have skipped the other three, saved six bucks and a lot of nail polish remover.

What are you favorites out of this collection? 
Are planning on picking any of these up?

Let me know in the comments below, or give me a shout on my Facebook or Twitter page.

Happy Saturday and thanks for reading!

- Melody


  1. Wow, these are so pretty. I saw them at Rite Aid a few weeks ago but I didn't realize they would look so great. Gorgeous swatches as usual!

  2. Oh man, these look beautiful, and your swatches are always so good!

  3. Wow, I love these! My favorite is After Party. Your swatches are so pretty!

  4. I adore your combo of Sinful Colors "Fantasy" over Sinful Colors "Rain Storm". It's so pretty!

  5. very pretty. i really like fantasy on you.

  6. Sinful Colors nail polishes are $1 each at Dollar General every day. 50% savings off of what you paid at the drug store.


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