Tuesday, April 23, 2013

L.A. Girl 3D Effects Hologram Nail Polish: Brilliant Blue

Hi everyone!

I have a short post today as I need to get back to getting things organized around the house.

I wanted to share with you the L.A. Girl 3D Effects Hologram Nail Polish in Brilliant Blue.
I had originally planned to wait until I purchased the rest of the collection at the end of the week, but I just couldn't wait!

I'll stumbled upon this beauty at Rite-Aid along with the others for $4.99 each, and they were already flying off the shelves!

I hope I can scoop up the others by this weekend so I can do a full review.
In the meantime, you can view the entire collection at lagirlusa.com.

Brilliant Blue is deep, dark blue scattered holo. 
The actual hologram effect is pretty subtle, but either way is out of this world.

 The formula is really interesting. It's a bit thick, but almost applies like a jelly. It's like you can see the 3D aspect as you apply it. It looks as if the glitter is raised above the base. I know it sounds crazy, but get it and you'll know exactly what I mean.

All of these photos were taken with two coats, without top coat after two days of wear. Can you believe it? I still can't. I never wear a polish this long but it's just been so good to me.

Dare I compare it to Picture Polish Cosmos? Why not.? 
Consider it the cheap cousin, and I'm dying to meet the rest of the family.

Have you seen the L.A. Girl 3D Effects at your local Rite-Aid?
Will you be picking any of them up?

Let me know in the comments below or share you love for holos on my Facebook or Twitter page.

Thanks for reading!



  1. ooh a comparison? Yes please!

  2. I've nominated you for the Best Blog award! go to http://polishjunkie8.blogspot.com/2013/04/best-blog-award.html for details.

    by the way, never seen these at any of my cvs or walgreens :c
    Its beautiful!!

  3. I actually just purchased the teal one and I can't wait to wear it. I don't know how "holographic" I consider these polishes, but they are sure are pretty. I'm probably going to end up getting the rest just because I can't help myself. lol

  4. these are awesome, i finally got a chance to see them in person yesterday and wow! i grabbed the ruby and teal shades, this blue was gone but i will find it!!!


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