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Sinful Colors Buff to Bright Collection Swatches & Review

Hi everyone!

Today I have the Sinful Colors Buff to Bright Collection to share with you.

This is an interesting collection, as only one of the shades is a new release...sort of. Three of the colors were released in Europe in 2011, but are just now making their debut here in the US as part of this newly curated collection to compliment both your spring and summer wardrobe.

The Collection

The collection includes the following six cremes, one microshimmer and one pearl:

Genteel (Previously released in Europe, new to US)
Nude (New, availability TBD?)
Unicorn (Part of the permanent collection)

Pistache (Previously released in Europe named "Pistachio", new to US)
Folly (Part of the permanent collection)
GoGo Girl (Part of the permanent collection)
Cloud 9 (Part of the permanent collection)
Endless Blue (Part of the permanent collection)

Price and Availability

This is major selling point of the Sinful Colors brand. Priced at $1.99 a polish, it's accessible to anyone! I often pay for these with spare change in my wallet, especially when the Rite-Aid Wellness Points kick in.

You will find Sinful Colors in most Rite-Aids, Walgreens, Walmarts and Targets across the country.
The only catch is that curated collections like these vary from location to location. I usually find collection displays like the Bright to Buff collection at Rite-Aid and Walgreens.

To see the complete list of retailers an to view the entire Sinful colors line, visit sinfulcolors.com.

The Colors

Sinful Colors "Genteel"

Genteel is light dusty pink with a stunning lilac pearlescent finish. It is very sheer on first coat but is a dream to work with. It takes three coats to full opacity, and even then the pearly shimmer is very subtle. It can really seen in very direct sunlight.

I am in love with this color and thrilled SC brought it across the sea. It compliments my skin tone so nicely and is such a delicate color that is suitable for all ages.

Sinful Colors "Nude"

Nude on the other hand is anything BUT nude, atleast for me. It's a light to medium orange-toned brown. On the brush it does sort of resemble a really orange tinted foundation, except obviously it applies thinner than one. The formula is great - opaque in one coat and dries to a smooth hi gloss.

In the bottle I really dig this color and unique in my collection thus far. Unfortunately this would never be my go-to for nude mani, but I'm curious to see if someone with a deeper skin tone can make it work.

Sinful Colors "Unicorn"

Unicorn is a pastel, light buttery yellow. I adore this color and somehow managed to avoid the dreaded lobster hand syndrome. Unfortunately, the formula was disappointing  It's semi-sheer and applies in thin and liquid manner to the point that I couldn't avoid pooling and dragging. It should have been opaque on the third coat, but I couldn't like past noticeable streaking. I was so determined to make this work that I added a fourth coat. That plus top coat did the trick, but geez.

It's still a beautiful color and I know I'll turn to it again, but for future application I might try a white base.

Sinful Colors "Pistache"

Pistache is a bold, bright pistachio green. It comes out a bit darker on nail than in bottle, but it's only apparent in artificial lighting. It was almost opaque in one coat minus some minor streaking, but touch ups with a second smoothed things out. Other than that the consistency is very creamy.

This color is fresh and fantastic. It's unlike the other yellow-based pastel greens out there this season and I feel like it's a must have.

Sinful Colors "Folly"

Folly is glossy, raspberry red jelly. My nail line is just barely visible at one coat as shown above (and that's only because they were dirty underneath), but those with longer nails may need two coats to reduce nail line.

It make be took opaque for a jelly sandwhich, but I have yet to try it.

Sinful Colors "GoGo Girl"

GoGo Girl is a thick jelly red creme. Forumula wise it's a bit thicker than Folly, but it still has a rubbery finish to it. The nail line might be visible for longer nails and require two coats, but I left it at one with almost no nail exposed.

I'm not sure how I feel about this one. It's skirts the line between a jelly and a creme leaving me a bit undecided on how I'd actually put it to use.

Sinful Colors "Cloud 9"

Cloud 9 is a bright, citrusy orange with golden orange microshimmer. It's almost opaque in one coat, but I used two to reduce visible nail line. 

This color can lean on the frosty side and is a little dated in my opinion. That being said, I like the color and the formula was one of the best in the bunch.

Sinful Colors "Endless Blue"

Endless Blue is a gorgeous bright blue creme. Completely smooth and opaque in one coat. In an indoor setting it's not as bright, but it's just as beautiful.

There's not much else to say. This is a staple blue for any polish lover on a budget.


Overall I think the concept of the collection gets the point across. There's something to please everyone, from understated lighter colors to bold brighter shades for those really wanting to make a statement.

This may not be the most "OMG how edgy and unique" collection out there, but it's brings to light some standout polishes from the Sinful Colors brand.

I don't think Sinful Colors has an official Facebook or Twitter, but there is a prominent community page following for the brand for each outlet you can check out:

Visit The Sinful Colors Facebook page or Twitter page for fun updates, giveaways and more.

Which is your favorite from the Buff to Brights Collection? 
What do you think of the Sinful Colors brand?

Let me know in the comments below or give me a shout on my facebook or twitter.

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Thanks for reading!



  1. I love cloud 9 so much! I have two of them (one was a christmas gift from my niece, she didn't know i had it haha) and It's one of my go to oranges. I looove the color of it and the goldish shimmer in it is sooo pretty.

    I also love the green in the new collection and will be keeping an eye out for that one to pop up at my walgreens! I might have to tell my mom toi add it to her list, I have her looking for the sugar rush colors whenever she goes cause shes in there once or twice a week. haha

    1. The shimmer is really what "makes" Cloud 9. It makes me want to sit in the sun and eat a tangerine.

      I've had a harder time finding all three of the new collections. It's as if some stores only carry the Sugar Rush set, some the Buff to Bright, and others the Paparazzi collection (a review I'm currently working on).

      I hope she find them!

  2. I think there are some really great staple colors in this collection!

  3. You have like the amazing swatches -_- ahhhhhh
    The blue looks awesome

  4. Thank you ladies! I feel that way about the entire brand. If I ever run out of a basic color and need it quick, I usually check to see if SC has it first.

    You just can't go wrong with the price and selection. (Not to mention my nearest Rite-Aid is conveniently located at the front of my neighborhood.)

  5. Awesome swatches! I have Cloud 9 and I havent worn it in forever so I might just pull it out again after seeing your swatches!

  6. Beautiful swatches! I only need 3 from this collection: Genteel, Nude, and Pistache. I was able to snag Folly and Endless Blue in February! The rest I have :P

  7. These are so perfect for Spring! Did you buy the whole collection, btw? Or was it sent to u? just wondering. Love the swatches!

    1. I think so too!

      I bought this collection. I buy everything unless otherwise specified and am currently creating an easy way to specify that up front. The whole collection is roughly around $20.00 before my Rite-Aid wellness points kicked in, but even at full price it doesn't burn a terrible hole in my pocket. :p

  8. It's amazing to see Nude on another skin tone. If anything, Nude is a bit too pink for me hahaha but otherwise the perfect manikin-hands color. After seeing your hands I realize how freaky my skin color is haha <3

    1. I'm sure your skin is anything but freaky! I'm quite pale, so if anything I'm the freaky one. :)


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