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Indie Spotlight: My Pink Dreams Polish Swatches and Review

Hi everyone!

It's time for another indie brand spotlight, and today I have My Pink Dreams  to take the stage.

My Pink Dreams is the vision of Lily Gudinas from the sunny state of Florida, who not only has created a unique line of polishes, but also offers a variety of deliciously fragrant, soy wax "scent shots" in her Etsy shop.

I picked up the following shades at the end of a recent sale:

Fruity Pebbles

Pop Art

Casa Blanca

Lily was generous enough to include the following shades as gifts with purchase.


 Miami Sun Rise (mini)

80's Melt Down (mini)

The more the merrier right? Let's take a closer look.

Fruity Pebbles is a shredded mix of matte rainbow glitter in a milky white base.

The name is so fitting.

The base is thin but creamy and is very easy to build up. How many layers you will need to reach full opacity can depend on how thick each layer is applied. If you prefer a more sheer milky-like base you can leave this shade at two coats, but I used three to fully saturate the white.

The glitter doesn't quite apply evenly, but it's balanced in the end. It's easier to maneuver and doesn't require dabbing.

There are a lot of white and rainbow combos out there, but the shreds in this one make it special.
And with all of the colors against the white base, it'll go with just about any outfit. Nice bonus eh?

Pop Art is a crazy combination of small neon lime hexes, small white squares, medium red and green squares, large pink squares, and skinny blue bar glitters.
(One coat shown over Wet 'N Wild "Tickled Pink")

Andy Warhol, eat your heart out.

Formula wise, the only concern is that the neon glitters bled in the bottle, so it will transform the base color you use. Believe it or not the Wet 'N Wild shade underneath was a very light baby pink to start with.
In this particular case, it turned out to be a happy accident because this looks a million times better!

The base is on the thicker side and will require dabbing, but the real fishing involved is for the larger pink glitters. They are a little large to sit completely flat on the nail, so I recommend a good lyer of top coat to keeps things smooth.

Possibly one of my favorite glitter mixes to date. 
I'm all for the unique and unusual and this is seriously a work of art on the nail. 
Pictures just can't do it justice.

80's Melt  Down is fine neon mix of blue, pink and yellow glitter sprinkled with medium blue and lime green hexes and small pink squares, all in a milky white base.

I'm pretty sure I melted too after seeing this baby.
Not only is the combination incredible, but so is the formula.
The white base isn't as saturated as Fruity Pebbles, but I think it's more fitting. It softens the overall look  and lets all of the colors shine through.

Application was a dream and reaches full coverage at three coats. Since this is fine glitter mix, it has the smoothest finish of them all which makes it a great option as a base for nail art!
I definitely be getting this one in full size.

Miami Sun Rise is happy mix of hot pink medium hexes, small yellow  hexes, and small neon green squares.
(One coat shown over Julep "Dianna.")

In suit with all the clear based glitters, the formula for this one was pretty thick.
I had to do a bit of fishing for the pink hexes and overall the glitter applied a bit more sparse, but keep in mind this is a mini bottle and application can be a bit more difficult.

It's so cute that I personally don't mind the extra effort. Paired with seafoam green it's the perfect spring and summer combo that's eye-catching, but a bit more delicate. 

The options are endless with this one, and it's another full size purchase I'll have to make.

Diana is a purple shimmer leaning on frost with hidden, hot pink small glitters.

Diana isn't quite what I had hoped.
The formula is pretty thin and runny, causing it to pool, drag, and overall apply pretty thin. 
At three coats as shown in the photos it sill had not quite built up to the rich purple I saw in the bottle.

The glitters are close to non existent, and look more like an accident. They get lost in the base and just can't manage to shine through whatever light you put it under.

Below shows the same shade in direct sunlight. The color itself begins to shift to a beautiful blue, but it still seems a bit washed out. However, not even the sun could make the glitter come out to play.

When asking about the availability of this shade to Lily, I went ahead and gave her my feedback regarding this shade. It turns out we were on the same page and she agreed that this one is not up to par with the quality of her other polishes.

She deserves a lot of respect of that. She understands her potential, listens to constructive criticism and would rather rework a shade than release something she's not proud of.
I'd buy her polishes just for that reason.

Despite the issues, Diana has the potential to be a gorgeous shade.
I loved how it transformed in the sunlight. 
With a little TLC I'd love to see it reworked and released.

Casa Blanca is a white mix of large and extra small hexes, mini squares, large rectangles, and fine glitter.
(One coat shown over "Diana")

This one had a pretty thick base.
While the smaller glittesr apply nicely, fishing and dabbing are required to obtain anything else.
With a good shake of the bottle it really wasn't any trouble.

I love this one. The large rectangles make a monotone mix stand out from the rest, and you can bet you'll be seeing me whip this one more than once come the winter months.
It's like a giant snow storm on the nail, and I love it!

Overall I'm really impressed at the small unique touches each polish has. 
Even though Diana is the odd one out, it can still be put to good use as is for a glitter base as shown with Casa Blanca.

Want My Pink Dreams for yourself?

You can find all of the available My Pink Dreams polishes through Lily's Etsy shop.
Full size 15ml bottles are $8.50, and mini 7ml bottles are also available for $3.50.

Also offered is a $35 mystery box which will contain 4 full size polishes, two minis and may include fun extras such as nail art accessories, hand and cuticle care samples, soaps and more.
For more details, see the listing here.

Of the polishes I shared with you today, here is the current availability of each:

Fruity Pebbles: Currently available.
Pop Art: Not currently in stock, but will return during summer.
80's Melt Down & Miami Sun Rise: NEW! Not currently available but summer release expected.
Casa Blanca: Not Currently available, re-release expected in winter.
Diana: Not currently available. Possible reformulation before release.

Which My Pink Dreams polish was a dream to you?
Will you picking up any of these shades?

Let me know your comments below and gives these beauties some love on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest!
Remember I've having a giveaway at 500 Facebook likes, so share, share, share!

And don't forget to check out My Pink Dreams on Facebook and Instagram!

Thanks for reading!



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