Monday, June 3, 2013

Indie Spotlight: Glitz'd 23 Lunar Fairytale Collection & Cranberry Love Swatches and Review

Hi everyone!

I know it seems like my posts are getting father and farther apart, but I promise I'm still here!
Carpenters, roofers, plumbers, and just about every her type of handyman you think of has been in and out as repairs on my house are fully underway.
(What happened to my house? See the photos here.)

Today I have another up and coming indie brand to share with you: Glitz'd23 .

Glitz'd23 is run by TK, a mother of two from just over the state line in Memphis, Tennessee.
She has created a line that ranges from shimmery jellies, glitter bombs, neons, color-shifting and glow in the dark shades!

She was generous enough to provide polishes to me at a discounted rate in order for me to share them with you all.

It was hard to chose just a few, as I seriously think I could scoop up her whole store with that kind of variety.

I ending up choosing the Lunar Fairytale Collection, a set of three color-shifting shades:
Cosmic Joker
Moon Owl

Each can be built up on their own, or layered over other colors to create unique combinations.
I was curious however, as the bottles for Cosmic Joker and Nebula didn't match the shop photos.

For the purpose of this review I chose to utilize these as toppers over other colors.
I also chose NOT to photograph these under lamps.
I chose daylight bulbs instead which reveal the exact color that I see in person.
If you would like sparkly halogen swatches, just let me know!

I did attempt to wear them on their own at full opacity, and although I do not have swatches I can tell you that it will take 3 to 4 coats depending  on the length of your nails.

For the first time in a long while, I have found a collection where the formulas are identical across the board!
All three of these glide on flawlessly no matter which way you choose to wear them.
I really don't ever get to say that, so I was super excited.

Now let's see the shades already!

First is Cosmic Joker, which shifts from gold to green to blue.
I have one coat layered over Julep "Olivia," an almost black chocolate brown.

Out of the three, the has the most subtle shift. 
You almost don't get the blue except for the very edge, which even then might be mistaken for the green.
In direct sunlight this will appear to be a green glitter topper until your nails are at an angle.
(I wish I had direct sunlight photos, but it's been stormy and cloudy for days. -_-)

Even those it's not as drastic as I would have hoped, I'm still a huge fan!
When showing this shade to my boyfriend, we both agreed this to be my "Game of Thrones polish."
It's brooding but mystical. Fantasy-like? I like!

Next is Nebula, which shifts from crimson to gold to purple.
I have one coat layered over China Glaze "Call of the Wild," a deep dark reddish brown.

The actual shift is stronger in this one than Cosmic Joker, but will still appear to be a purple glitter topper in direct sunlight.
It's still subtle, but you'll definitely notice it.

This color is a galaxy in itself, and you can bet I'll be whipping it out for some astral-inspired nail art!

And then there's Two Moons, a tricky shifter from purple to blue, but reflects green and gold in certain light.
I have one coat layered over China Glaze "Purr-fect Plum," a deep warm-toned plummy purple.

Oh yeah. This shift you can't miss. No matter what light, and what base you use, it'll blow you away.
What else, can I say? It's out of the world, and definitely the stand out of the three.

In addition to the Lunar Fairytale Collection, I also scooped up Cranberry Love, a spritely mix of cranberry and yellow glitter and holographic butterfly glitters!

The formula on this wasn't thick or goopy at all, but in exchange the butterfly glitters do not stay suspended. They will sink within minutes of shaking, so be sure to give the bottle a good shake and roll before each use.

The pink and yellow glitters glide on without effort and I had no issues with large gaps or clumping.
I did have to fish for the butterfly glitters, but it allowed me to specifically place them in a balanced manner. I could have even created cute patterns with them if I so desired.

I feel it's really important to note that even though I still had to fish for butterflies (haha, ironic?), the formula is so nice that is did NOT work against me. That's a rare thing when dealing with large glitter and TK deserves a big round of applause for that one.

The end result is adorable and sparkly...and I mean really sparkly! The holographic nature of the butterflies catches even the tiniest bit of light and will even reflect off of a wall.
(Yes, many thanks to TK for not only creating an awesome glitter polish, but providing at least 20 minutes of feline light-chasing entertainment, HA!)

Which shade was your favorite?

Overall I'm extremely impressed with the Glitz'd23 line.
Consistent quality formulas spread across a wide range of finishes are polishes I eagerly support.
Expect to see more of Glitz'd23 around here because I'm already starting to set funds aside for that Sweet Shimmer collection.

Want Glitz'd23 for yourself?

You can find all of the available Glitz'd23 polishes on Etsy for $6 per 15ml bottle. What a steal!
The Lunar Fairytale Collection is available for the discounted price $22 for the full set, or $8 individually.
Cranberry Love is available for $6.

Make sure to follow TK on Facebook and Instagram.
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Thanks for reading!



  1. Two moons is to die for! *__*

  2. There all to die for! You have some awesome swatches :)

  3. Love the green one! Very very pretty!
    Oh yea I don't know if I ever mentioned this before but have you considered removing captcha for commenting? It makes it a lot easier for your readers to leave a comment.

    1. You're right. I forgot I even had it! For some reason when I comment I don't see it. All fixed I think.


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