Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Avon Cosmic Collection Swatches and Review (Part Two)

Hi everyone!

I want to continue on with the second half of the Avon Cosmic Collection.

If you didn't warm up with the hot shades from the other half, just click the images below to see the rest of the colors along with information on pricing and availability.

Let's move on and cool things down with the icier shades from the collection, shall we?

From left to right:


The Colors

 Moonbeam is a silver scattered holo.

Silver holos never disappoint, and under the sun this one is the exception to the "bolder the shade, bolder the holo" pattern this collection possesses.

You can almost see a faint, faint, super faint linear prism at the angle shown in the first photo.

All that holo goodness disappears indoors, but the shimmery silver that's left might just be one of my new go to silvers. 
The formula is just too good to let sit on the shelf.

Celestial is either an icy mint shimmer or a light, teal green with holographic shimmer.

When you look at it outdoors, it's more of the latter. 
The color is much bolder and the scattered holo really shines.

Indoors the color seems to lighten up, taking on a more pastel, minty hue with any icy shimmer.

Galaxy is a bold cerulean blue, with what's supposed to be holographic sparkle.

I was surprised at the hidden the holo is in this particular shade. 
Indoors or out, it just isn't really there unless your hands are positioned in the right way in the right light.

It's such a pretty color either way, does it even really matter?

Aurora is a scattered holo that shifts from violet to purple.

This is the only one that the camera disagreed with just a tad.
The holo is a tad stronger than what is pictured. 
Unfortunately, after rephotographing this shade TWICE the camera came up with the same results.

(Anyone else having Barney flashbacks when looking at this shade?)

This shade is another shape-shifter once you get inside.

While in the sun it's more of a violet, indoors it takes a step to the cooler side of the color wheel and becomes more purple. It also loses the holo, following suit with the others.

...and finally we have Eclipse, a teal going on black with obvious holographic sparkle.

I don't have to justify the holo here, do I?
This shade sparkles better then the twinkly Twilight vampires ever will.

(I apologize for offending at least 75% of you all with that one.)

I know what you're thinking though: "Are you sure that isn't just black?" I'm sure.
It'll look black on the nail while inside, sure. Before you even get to that point you'll notice the teal tinge to the color the second you open the bottle.

Personally I love it so much more this way.
It's so gorgeous and mysterious.


I applaud Avon for going out on a limb and trying a finish that's a bit ambitious for  a brand that doesn't technically specialize in nail polish.

The holographic is nothing compared to just about any other brand's version, but in fairness this collection was advertised as having a "holographic pearl" finish. To me, this implies that it's intentionally more subtle. If that's the case, then they succeeded.

Holographic or not, these shades are stunning -- every one of them.
They are all eye catching and catch the light both indoors and out.

As far as being cosmic? Well...the formula is certainly out of this world.

What are you favorites from all of these holo hues?
Will you be adding these to your list of shimmery lemmings?

Let me know in the comments below and make sure to give these shades some love on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest.

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Thanks for reading!


**Products in the post were paid for by me with my own money.
I am not an Avon representative but am proud to encourage readers to order through Julie Pruitt, a long time family friend.


  1. that silver holo 0_0 sooo pretty!

    1. Oh yeah, the holo was the best in Moonbeam. :)

  2. There all so awesome! Great holographic colors :)

    1. Not to mention cheap! Even better, right?

  3. Wow - those are all quite pretty. I had no idea Avon made polishes. What size are the bottles ? Eclipse looks a little Lzard Belly-ish to me. LB might be a bit more holo, but it's a dark black/green as well.

    Loveeeee the orange and the mustard yellow !

    1. I didn't either until my mother's friend became a rep! The bottles hold 12ml, but are physically comparable to a CG or SC bottle due to the narrow rectangular shape.

      Lizard Belly has a stronger holo and leans a bit more green than Eclipse, which shows more teal blue undertones. They are very similar though! (...but I won't lie, I'd reach for LB first.)

      I'm glad I'm not the only one who liked the orange and yellow!

  4. Awesome swatches! I am really loving the Avon holos and I might have to get myself some! :D

    1. Go for it! Avon almost always is having a sale or atleast a free shipping code. I try to post on Twitter when I get the emails...or my mother calls and tells me, haha!

  5. I totally regret not getting Celestial now :(

    1. Awww, well there's still time! This collection isn't at the special intro price anymore, but they're not out of stock yet!

  6. Help, i broke my 15 yr old daughter's Avon Cosmic Galaxy Nail Polish. It was her favorite color. Have been unable to locate. If anyone knows where I can purchase the polish or a Avon rep that might have it in their inventory, please let me know. Thanks Maria


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