Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Indie Spotlight: Windestine Peach Ice, Moana and OOAK II (Swatches and Review)

Hi everyone!

I am very excited to share with you a few more Etsy treasures, this time from the indie brand Windestine.

One of the primary reasons people flock to indies is for the uniqueness of the polishes. From the collections to the glitter combos, their is so much more imagination in handmade polishes that just can't be matched by the big box brands.

Windestine is a prime example. With no prior knowledge of the brand, I stumbled across the shop on Etsy and immediately fell in love. There is a subtle quality in each and every polish that makes it stand out, and I couldn't wait to purchase.

I have the following  three shades to showcase today:


Peach Ice


Moana is a jelly-based deep teal with coppery orange, hot pink and pastel green hex glitters of multiple sizes.

The application between the first and second coat was almost night and  day.

Intially I was prepared to be disappointed when first layer went on uneven. The glitters grouped together and dragged along the nail, but don't fret! The actual consistency was kind enough to make spreading the glitters an easy fix.
Once the first coat is down, the second goes on perfectly smooth with the glitters applying as they should.

How is that possible? I don't know, but I'm happy for it! 

This secondary color-combination is simply incredible. It's fresh and festive and strays far from the average jelly. It's as if you've got the depths of coral filled ocean on your nails.

Speaking of jelly...if left at two coats it will display the usual translucent jelly-like finish, but with a third layer (as shown in the photos) it managed to become completely opaque with no shrinking or excessive thickness.
Not many jellies can really achieve this.

Peach Ice is a true peach with different size white glitters.

The formula of this one is more opaque than Moana, and only required two coats to reach full coverage. There was no glitter dabbing or spreading required. Easy peasy!

It leans more orange depending on the amount of light, but no matter what is an extremely flattering color (atleast on light skin tones). The name is so appropriate and literally made me crave frozen yogurt when wearing it. 
Oh the wonders of color theory/psychology. 

OOAK II is a clear-based glitter bomb of lavender hexes, white fine and shredded glitters and yellow moon glitters! How cool!
(I have one coat over China Glaze "Aquadelic")

One coat is really all you need! The base was on the thicker side of average, but considering how dense the glitters are it's understandable. 

The white and lavender glitters spread evenly with no clumping and the moons sit nice and flat on the nail. The moons did take a bit of fishing as there's not as many of them, but were easy to obtain with one good swirl of the brush. 
The end result is completely worth it.

I mean, how stinkin' precious is this?! Light base, dark base, it's all a dream. 
Paired with CG Aquadelic created a look that was like a childhood lullaby come to life. 
I am so smitten.

If I could force all you lovelies to go out and make a polish purchase, it would be for these. 
These combinations are chic and original and a worth every penny. Even the name "Windestine" is whimsical in itself.

Want Windestine for yourself?

You can find all of the available Windestine polishes on Etsy priced between $5-8 per 15ml bottle.
Peach Ice is currently available for $5 on clearance. Get it while you can!
Moana is available for $9 (the only shade currently marked at this price).

Bonus! If you buy two or more full size polishes you get a random full size OOAK for free, which is how I obtained OOAK II. So worth it!

Make sure to check out Windestine on Facebook and Twitter for updates on promotions, new releases and more!

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  1. OMG, what a great shame it only ships to the US :O I am disappointed!

  2. Moana is gorgeous! I love the depth it has and how you described it as having coral within. I really like it!

  3. Yep I agree, Moana is gorg!!!

    1. Looks like it's the favorite all around!

  4. There all such awesome colors! Love your swatches :)


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