Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Avon Cosmic Collection Swatches and Review (Part One)

Hi everyone!

Today I finally have the Avon Cosmic Collection to share with you.
I caught word that these polishes were coming, and checked the site everyday until I could finally scoop up the whole set.

These polishes required special attention, and the only way to accurately demonstrate each shade is to photograph each one both outdoors and in, so both parts of this review are VERY pic heavy.

Apart from balancing blogging with preparing for my move, preparing this collection took much longer than expected with the ongoing storms interfering with my photographs.
In short, tornadoes + no power = hiding in the basement in the dark with no internet. 
Bummer Summer 2013.

So let's see the beauties before the clouds come back!

The Collection

The Avon Cosmic Collection consists of ten shimmery shades that reveal an ambiance of holographic sparkle.

The polishes are available individually for $6.00 each.

You can purchase through your local Avon representative who can be located via the "Find A Rep" page on Avon's website.
If you want to save some time, you can enter "Julie Pruitt, Tennessee" on that page to shop online through my dear family friend (my mother's "BFF," haha).

The first part of this review displays the warmer half of the collection in the five following colors:

From left to right:


The Colors

Every shade in the collection has an incredible formula. the consistency is just perfect.
While every shade could be left at one coat, if you were to look close enough you'd still see the nail poking through. I recommend two coats for best coverage.
Even though these are scattered and not linear "holos," I still chose to go without a topcoat. 
It is known to polishers that top coat can reduce the linear holographic effect, but the actual holo shimmer in these is so subtle that I chose not to risk it.
Despite the extra protection, they seemed too wear well without chipping.
(I say that, but keep in mind I wear no color for more than 24 hours unless it's on my toes.)

The only thing that separated these shades in terms of formula was the amount of holo goodness.
In short: the lighter the shade, the weaker the holo.

And the effect can really only be noticed in direct sunlight with the exception of a couple of shades. In most lighting situations it comes off as just a silvery microshimmer.

Let's take a closer look, shall we?

Remember, the first two photos of each shade will be direct sunlight and the other two will be indoors under daylight bulbs.

Radiant is a light gold with holographic shimmer.

See how subtle? It's definitely a soft and scattered holo, but it's a true gold with shimmer perfect for the holiday season.

Indoors the holo disappears, but an angelic shimmer remains.

Starlight is an odd mustard-like, greenish yellow with holographic shimmer.

I could barely find the holo even under the sun. 
You can catch a glimpse of it in the second photo, but the bright color really steals the show.

Once seen indoors, I realized how much holo the shade really had to begin with.
Suddenly the different tones disappear and I was left with an interesting yellow that for some reason made me crave thanksgiving dinner.

Saturn is a semi-burnt orange, leaning on a red-orange with the same holo shimmer.

I think I've found my favorite orange polish EVER. This is fall in a bottle. The holo in this one gives off every tone you'd fine in falling leaves, leaving me with only about a million nail art ideas come fall.

Even indoors, the holo tries to stick around. Obviously not as bright, but just as beautiful. 

The color itself takes on a more reddish hue, and I love it either way.

Supernova is a rosy-red with holographic shimmer.

Notice the bolder the shade, the bolder the holo pattern? 

Under the sun this shade makes me think of Julie G Gumdrop Collection (which I reviewed here some time ago). 
If you could take Hot Cinnamon and Sugar Rush, nix the texture and mix them together, you'd get this exact shade.

Indoors this color transformed more than any other them.
It became a lighter, more pinky red while the holo goes into hiding.

Starburst is a deep fuschia with a stronger holo shimmer.

 The holo is strong with this one, compared to the others at the very least.
Outdoors you won't miss it.

Indoors the shade leans a bit more on the purple side, but is rich and beautiful.

 Which one of the cosmic colors shines for you?
What do you think of the scattered holo?

Let me know in the comments below, and keep your eyes peeled becoming the second half of the collection is coming right up!

Thanks for reading!



  1. Starlight almost blinded me! but they are all pretty.

    1. Hahaha! You should have seen my face when I applied it on the first nail. I was expecting some sheer, barely there yellow.....nope!

  2. There all amazing colors! Hard to choose a favortie :)

    1. I really couldn't either. They're all so bold and can be used for different looks. :)

  3. Wow, these are really unusual. I think Avon is really underrated these days.

  4. I got the first 4 and I am totally loving them because those colours are definitely unique in my holo stash!

    1. Apart from the usual silver holo, I absolutely agree - especially these warmer colors. :)


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