Friday, June 14, 2013

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Texture Collection Swatches and Review

Hi everyone, TGIF!

You asked for it, and you got it!
I asked my Facebook fans to choose between the Sally Hansen Sugar Coats and The Avon Cosmic Collection for my next post.

At the time I went to bed it was a tie, but SH was voted first so I went with these.
In truth, Avon ended up getting an extra vote after I started, oops. That's up next, I promise!

It took me awhile to actually find this collection near me, and I stalked CVS everyday until they put out the display.
It paid off! I scooped every single one before anyone else knew they were even there. 

The Collection

The Sugar Coat Collection is Sally Hansen's take on the texture trend, consisting of the following eight 3D matte shades:

From back left to back right:

Sugar Fix
Cherry Pop
Bubble Plum
Cotton Candies
Sour Apple

The Sugar Coat collection can be found in most Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Target, and Walmart locations and usually range from $5-6 each.

The Colors

All of these have the exact same formula.
While all except for Sugar Fix and Sweetie can be left at one coat, it is recommended to use two. If left at one the sugary finish may appear patchy and not evenly develop.
(I use one coat on all except Sugar Fix and Sweetie to demonstrate.)

The actual texture is a matte, but the base is not.  I actually prefer it this way as it emphasizes the effect.

Cherry Pop is literally a bright cherry red.

Cotton Candies is a bold bubblegum pink.

Bubble Plum is a fuschia like purple-pink.

Sugar Fix is a stark white.

Sweetie is a banana yellow.

Sour apple is a bold mint green.

 Razzleberry is a rich cerulean blue.

WARNING: This one stains horribly. I only wore it for five minutes and faced a whole day of stained cuticles after removal.

 Lich-O-Rich is black, but the texture makes it appear more charcoal.
This one best displays what happens if left at one coat.


I'm pleased with the collection for the most part. 
As rich as the colors are I wish the texture would have held at one coat. 
It's a minor concern considering applying two coats is an easy step for fast drying textured finishes.

My only disappointment is in Razzleberry, which would have been my favorite had it not been such a pain in hiney. 
Staining is a major thumbs down for me, but at least it was only bad one in the bunch.

In general I still prefer my textures to have a bit of sparkle, but these are cute basic colors and are a great option if you're short on time.

Which is your favorite of these sugary shades?
Have you hopped on board the texture trend train?

Let me know in the comments below or share your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Coincidentally, this month's theme for Sally Hansen's I Heart Nail Art Challenge is textures!
For more information on how to enter and the prizes you could win, visit here.

Thanks for reading!



  1. They all look really good :)

    1. Thanks you. They're really not that bad as long as there aren't any bald patches.

  2. Replies
    1. It's my favorite! That and Sour Apple. :)

  3. I have two shades already but I really love the look of Cherry Pop and Sweetie :)

    1. Nice! Would love to your swatches of them. :)

  4. Cherry Pop is the only one i really like the look of. The texture of cotton candies doesn't look too pleasant to me though. I think i will stick to the OPI Liquid Sand textures, they're the only textured polishes i like the formula and finish of!

    1. I can understand that.

      The Sally Hansens were the only textured finished I found to have patchy or bald spots. It brings to life what people who are on the fence about textures are afraid of -- that your nails look like an accident.

  5. GORGEOUS swatches! I think I need to add the white, yellow, and minty green to my collection :D

  6. You have a lovely blog Melody. I have sugar coats in cherry drop & bubble plum(bought yesterday) . I LOVE CHERRY DROP.I think people have mixed reviews about this.SH is the first textured entry in the Indian market. So it got me excited. Though I woudn't be able to compare it with others avl in other countries, I quite like this albeit its highly overpriced .
    Do check my blog too www.thefleamarketqueen.com

  7. i tried the razzle berry (blue) had it on for about 6 days it totally stained my nails. it looked nice for a bit but the after effect (stained nails) is not very attractive. i am still yet to receive my other colours which should be coming in the post pretty soon.


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